In-Store Digital Point of Sale.

Connect with your customers at the point of sale with in-store digital POS. Capture data or allow customers to enter competitions there and then for maximum interaction and a positive overall experience.
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In-Store Digital POS

Convert customers into loyal fans for life.

It’s one thing to gain a customer, but to convert that customer into a brand advocate for life is what every aspiring brand is hoping to achieve. Promotions Interactive make it possible. By interacting with your customers, whether existing or new, at the point where they decide to choose your product over your competitors, is the ideal time to go even further and build a connection by rewarding their custom.

Imagine being drawn to a product because of the promotion, and then after interacting with an intuitive and enjoyable point of sale, being told you have won. It’s those moments that can change a one-off customer into someone who will never look at competitor brands again. That is the power of in-store digital point of sale and it’s what we do best.
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Point of Sale
Capture at point of sale
The ideal time to capture customer data is at the point of sale, not later when conversion rates drop off
Lasting Relationships
Build lasting relationships
Create a memorable experience with customers that then hold a positive view of your brands and products
Stand Out
Stand out big time
Dominate the competition by standing out beyond your packaging and involving your customers in-store

No longer stranded on the shelf.

The battle for customer attention has moved off the packaging and beyond the shelf. In-store digital point of sale gives your products an exceptional advantage by attracting customers and interacting with them for longer, giving your product a much higher chance of being chosen over the competition. With on-shelf competition being fiercer than ever before, it’s time not to just go one step further, but leaps and bounds.
No longer stranded
Lasting relationships

Built to build lasting bonds between brands and customers.

An increase in sales throughout the duration of a campaign is great, but what if you could continue an increased level of sales even after the promotion ends? That’s where in-store digital point of sale makes a noticeable difference. Offering an instant result to an entry, even if the customer is unsuccessful, still leaves a lasting impression that stays with the customer beyond their purchase experience. It shows your brand is innovating beyond your competitions, which customers see as a positive link to the product they’re purchasing.

Watch customer connections unfold with PromoNow™.

Although your in-store digital POS is housed in physical locations, you can still gain insight to the entire campaign through our PromoNow™ dashboard. Built to allow you to see every entry and the stats surrounding your campaign PromoNow™ has been built with security at its core. Campaigns are initiated, customized, monitored, fulfilled and evaluated all within the PromoNow™ enterprise cloud eco-system. Consumer data is securely segregated, need-to-know restricted and fully auditable for GDPR.
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We get it, when a deadline is set it cannot move. As standard, you’ll receive a bespoke service that turns around in no time ensuring we don’t miss a deadline so you don’t miss yours. We’ve perfected our processes so any last minute amends really aren’t a big deal and our teams are always ready to expect the unexpected tweaks that sometimes need to be made moments before launch.
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