We create digital platforms for promotional campaigns.

We bring expertise and technology to promotions marketing agencies and their clients.

Promotions Interactive are specialists in building custom promotional campaign technologies. We partner with agencies to support with the skills and technologies required in order to build a lot more than a website, but a connection between consumer and brand. Promotions Interactive provide everything needed for a highly successful giveaway, competition, rewards programme, on-pack promotion and much more.
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What we can do for you.

All our technologies are custom built for exclusive use within promotional campaigns. Essentially, anything you need we have already built. Every campaign is unique which is why we offer a broad range of standard services.
Promotional Microsites
Promotional microsites
Built in-line with the rest of your campaign with exceptional reliability across all devices & top-level security as standard
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Submission Software
Submission software
Standard competition style promotions using on-pack purchases and unique code identifiers for instant wins
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Try Me Free
Try me free incentives
We have the technology needed to allow customers to try your products then receive a refund online with proof of purchase
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Receipt Robotics
Receipt robotics
Our AI identifies proof-of-purchase automatically from multiple sellers and performs an action based on your campaign
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In Store Digital POS
In-store digital POS
Touchscreens prominently displayed in-store highlighting your products & allowing for instant entry at point of sale
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URN Code Generation
URN code generation
Hundreds, thousands, millions of universally unique identifiers generated for your campaign in a format you require
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Superfast Turnaround

Superfast turnaround as standard.

We get it, when a deadline is set it cannot move. As standard, you’ll receive a bespoke service that turns around in no time ensuring we don’t miss a deadline so you don’t miss yours. We’ve perfected our processes so any last minute amends really aren’t a big deal and our teams are always ready to expect the unexpected tweaks that sometimes need to be made moments before launch.
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Partner of choice

Partner agency of choice.

Promotions Interactive are partner agency of choice for agencies and brands. With years of experience producing highly successful campaigns for some of the biggest names in the world, Promotions Interactive are the go-to partner agency for technologies that support giveaways, competitions and promotions. Our reliability and speed are unrivalled, making us the only partner agency you need in your contacts.
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Bray Leino
Recognise some of these? We’re pleased to have partnered with some of the world’s biggest brands and the awesome agencies behind their most successful campaigns. Since we're a partner agency of choice, we’re lucky to have worked with some of these brands on multiple campaigns and built successful relationships along the way.
More than websites

We build more than just websites.

We build lasting relationships between brands and customers. By partnering with agencies or brands, we assist in creating a buzz around a product or service that re-ignites existing customers and attracts new ones. Websites are just the surface of customer’s journey, we provide all the technologies needed for a successful campaign, including URN code generation and competition submission software.
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Transactional Websites

Transactional web services.

A fancy way of saying a website that allows a customer to enter a code, upload proof of purchase or any other action that ultimately ends with the customer potentially winning something. We build the technology that allows users to do this, and since we’re specialists purely in promotional campaign submission software, we know how to do it to get results.
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Watch your campaign succeed with PromoNow™.

See your campaign results in real-time with our exclusive dashboard. PromoNow™ offers a secure single place of record for all aspects of promotional related activity. Campaigns are initiated, customized, monitored, fulfilled and evaluated all within the PromoNow™ enterprise cloud eco-system. Consumer data is securely segregated, need-to-know restricted and fully auditable for GDPR.
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Globally multilingual
Any language, any country. As standard, everything we build is multilingual, because campaigns can happen anywhere
Secure as standard
Security is our main focus. Every site we build is SSL protected and encryption is key to keeping customer data safe
GDPR Compliant
GDPR compliant
It goes without saying that all data capture and processing is completely GDPR compliant with everything we do
Notification and Validation
Notification & validation
Via email or SMS, validate entries and notify your winners instantly for a seamless customer experience
API Plugin
Plugin your API
We love APIs, they play nicely with our custom built technologies and are super quick and simple to implement
Brand Reputation
Brand reputation
We only want the best for your brands, which is why we ensure reputation stays positive throughout your campaign

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We’re happy to answer any of your questions or to tell you more about what we do and how we could support your next promotional campaign.

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