Promotional microsites.

Way more than just a website. We build platforms for customers to submit promo codes and competition entries while you monitor and report in real-time.
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Promotional Microsites

We build the ultimate competition submission software.

Every promotional campaigns needs somewhere for customers to enter their promo code or take part in a competition, but it’s a lot more than just a website. Not only does it need to look in-line with the rest of the campaign, be super fast to load on a mobile connection and be able to handle a vast amount of traffic, it needs complex software behind the scenes for the whole campaign to work.

At Promotions Interactive, we build the ultimate competition submission software for any type of promotion. Instant win, promo codes, try me free, literally any form of promotion you want to handle, we have the software solution. Our promotional microsites look great and are super reliable as standard, but they also offer a wealth of functionality you need to make your campaign a success. Everything we build is custom to your campaign’s needs to ensure it has the best chance of being as successful as you expect it to be.
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Designed to your CI
Designed to your CI
Either send us a design yourself or let us build your website in-line with the rest of your branding and campaign material
Multiple Campaign Types
Multiple campaign types
Our software is built to handle any form of campaign, including terms-based or try me free style proof of purchase campaigns
Ultra Reliable
99.98% up-time
Hosted at UKFast’s data centres, with 99.982% uptime with Redundancy N+1 - including UPS and standby diesel generators

Designed to handle any promotion.

Any campaign, for any product, anywhere in the world. When you partner with Promotions Interactive, you’re not limited. Our custom technologies allow for multiple forms of campaigns that require users to perform any form of action. Whether it be as simple as entering a unique promotional code, uploading proof or purchase or any other action a customer needs to action in order to enter, we can build it.
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Rock-solid reliability you can trust.

The worst thing that can happen to a campaign is for it to be a success but the software is unable to handle the traffic or number of entry requests that can typically bombard the website. This doesn’t happen with a Promotions Interactive microsite. Our software is built to be tough and withstand vast amounts of traffic as well as multiple simultaneous entry requests. Better reliability = better results.

Entries in real-time with live reporting.

Using our PromoNow™ dashboard, you can watch the success of your campaign in real-time. PromoNow™ offers a secure single place of record for all aspects of promotional related activity. Campaigns are initiated, customized, monitored, fulfilled and evaluated all within the PromoNow™ enterprise cloud eco-system. Consumer data is securely segregated, need-to-know restricted and fully auditable for GDPR.
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Superfast Turnaround

Superfast turnaround as standard.

We get it, when a deadline is set it cannot move. As standard, you’ll receive a bespoke service that turns around in no time ensuring we don’t miss a deadline so you don’t miss yours. We’ve perfected our processes so any last minute amends really aren’t a big deal and our teams are always ready to expect the unexpected tweaks that sometimes need to be made moments before launch.
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