Proof of purchase receipt validation robotics.

Validating proof of purchase (POP) is a common requirement in shopper marketing promotions - particularly in the absence of URNs (unique codes). We can validate receipts and invoices both manually and/or with robotic automation.

Our custom AI receipt robotics verifies receipts for any product from any retailer, anywhere in the world.
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Receipt Robotics

Connect with customers when they buy & try your product.

Receipt validation is one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote your product and reward your customers. Whether proof of receipt is their entry into a competition to win prizes or acts as proof of purchase so customers received a refund in the same way as a try me free campaign, Promotions Interactive has the expertise and the custom built software to make this happen.

After years of working with some of the world’s biggest brands, we have perfected our receipt robotics, meaning it’s faster, more reliable and more advanced than ever before. Our custom AI is capable of recognising any form of proof of purchase from multiple retailers, including variations of the product name where receipts vary. Our AI can also recognise dates and times as well as any fraudulent entries to reduce campaign costs. Give your products a boost while connecting with customers new and existing and partner with Promotions Interactive.
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Promo Type
The simplest promo type
No need for unique codes or prizes, just Promotions Interactive as your agency partner to handle the software
Exceptional product insights
Received added intel; see what your customers are buying, when and from where, all from their uploaded receipt
Super Secure
Super secure
Our AI scans receipts and keeps a look out for those not being honest or trying to enter outside the competition dates

Robotics custom built by us.

Because we have built our very own custom AI to read and validate any form of proof of purchase, it means we can customise it to meet the needs of your campaign. Whether than be exclusions or inclusions, dates, times or locations, we can tailor-make a set of rules exclusively for your campaign. And if you’re not sure, we can advise you on the best direction in order to get the most from your campaign.
Custom AI

Custom AI reads receipts and validates.

The Promotions Interactive AI is incredibly advanced and can spot variations in receipts from different retailers as well as dates and times. It’s also clever enough to spot the occasional customer who may not be completely honest. Receipt validation does away with the need for custom codes, so leave it to the experts and let us build validation software for you.

See the results with PromoNow™.

PromoNow™ is our custom dashboard that allows you to see individual entries and keep track of how your campaign is doing. Campaigns are initiated, customized, monitored, fulfilled and evaluated all within the PromoNow™ enterprise cloud eco-system. Consumer data is securely segregated, need-to-know restricted and fully auditable for GDPR. Here is where you gain exceptional insight into who your customers are, who is interested in your product as well as where and when they are buying it.
Superfast Turnaround

Superfast turnaround as standard.

We get it, when a deadline is set it cannot move. As standard, you’ll receive a bespoke service that turns around in no time ensuring we don’t miss a deadline so you don’t miss yours. We’ve perfected our processes so any last minute amends really aren’t a big deal and our teams are always ready to expect the unexpected tweaks that sometimes need to be made moments before launch.
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