Unique Reference Number Code Generation.

An unlimited number of URN codes in any format you require. Promotions Interactive have cracked the code to unique reference number generation and can provide what ever you need for your next campaign.
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URN Code Generation

Crack the code and get the URNs you need, now.

The smallest component to any ‘enter to win’ promo campaign but equally the most important. Getting codes wrong can cause havoc right at the worst possible time, it’s a scary thought not even worth imagining. Instead, ask the experts and let Promotions Interactive generate your unique identifier numbers for you for complete peace of mind.

We’re able to create as many codes as you need for your campaign, whether it be a few hundred, thousand or millions, no number is too big. Formatting is no problem either; whether you need spaces or no spaces, letters or just numbers, we’re able to tailor make codes especially for your campaign. When you Partner with Promotions Interactive, there’s no need to worry about the numbers.
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An unlimited number
Hundreds, thousands, millions, no number is too big, which is why we can generate as many as your campaign requires
Any Format
Any format you need
Designed to work with your competition entry system (or ours), we can generate codes in any format you need
Super quick as standard
Super quick as standard
We understand deadlines don’t move, which is why our processes are designed to work super quick no matter what the campaign
Superfast Turnaround

Superfast turnaround as standard.

We get it, when a deadline is set it cannot move. As standard, you’ll receive a bespoke service that turns around in no time ensuring we don’t miss a deadline so you don’t miss yours. We’ve perfected our processes so any last minute amends really aren’t a big deal and our teams are always ready to expect the unexpected tweaks that sometimes need to be made moments before launch.
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